19 May 1995

Suppressor is okay

POST-HARVEST storage chemical tecnazene has been given the green light after an extensive review of new toxicological and environmental data.

The decision by the govern-ments Advisory Committee on Pesticides allows for the continued use of a number of tecnazene-based products for sprout suppression and disease control in ware and seed potatoes.

The new data package was prepared by a cross-industry team – the Tecnazene Taskforce – comprising all seven approval holders. "It has been a six-year commitment to develop the package of over 60 studies," explains task-force chairman Martin Gibbard of Zeneca. He puts total investment at £1.8m.

The extra data covered human safety, operator exposure and a range of environmental effects, including aquatic environments. The task force also produced guidance to help users stay within the current permitted maximum residue level of 10mg/kg of potatoes. &#42