18 August 1995

Tebbe or not Tebbe? That is the question

By Andrew Faulkner

MANURE, sewage sludge cake, slurry and lime are just four of the materials which Tebbe claims can be spread by its range of rear-discharge spreaders.

The German firm has only recently started promoting its spreader line-up in the UK but already has two Universal Spreader multi-material machines applying sewage sludge in Wiltshire and Hampshire.

Last week Tebbe introduced a more agricultural-spec machine, the imaginatively badged Dung Spreader, which it hopes will open up a bigger market.

Bigger machines

Speaking at the launch of the Dung Spreader, Tebbes UK agent, Tim Meyrick said: "More and more farm muck is being spread by either contractors or spreader hire firms, many of whom seem to prefer the big 10t+ rear-discharge machines.

"We plan to tap into that demand, and hope to sell at least six machines this year and a further 20 next year."

Both Tebbe product lines, the Universal Spreader and Dung Spreader, use a similar design principle – a 3mm thick steel body with 6mm protective top frame over a wooden floor and tandem sprung axles. Single-axle models are also available.

Material is fed into the rear-mounted, shaft-driven spreading mechanism by a hydraulically-powered chain and slat floor, which can be reversed to clear any blockage.

Floor speed is adjustable and, along with slurry gate position and forward speed, controls application rate.

Where the two spreader ranges differ is at the "business" end – the spreading unit. While the Universal Spreader uses shredding flails on to two spinning discs, the Dung Spreader has a pair of toothed rotors which feed on to four rotating flickers.

Although the Universals flails will handle muck in addition to more powdery products, Tebbe says the Dung Spreader is a more specialist muck machine and is capable of higher outputs with that particular material.

Both machines will spread wet material up to 16m (52ft) and dry material up to 12m (40ft) and are available with capacities from 8-24t.

Power requirement

Prices of the 10t Universal Spreader and Dung Spreader, which have a power requirement of 120hp+, start from about £18,000. Mr Meyrick concedes that these prices will make the Tebbe spreaders uncompetitive with many UK-built machines.

"We know the machines are expensive but other European manufacturers have proved there definitely is a market for these big, high spec/high output spreaders in the UK."

This 10t Tebbe Dung Spreader handled a variety of materials at its UK launch, on CWS Farms Down Ampney Estate, near Swindon.