16 February 1996

TFA move blocks Gloucester sell-off

MOVES to look at selling-off a 263ha (650-acre) piece of the Glos county farms estate for housing have been rejected by councillors after representations by the Tenant Farmers Association.

The proposal was part of an overall 15-year review (1996-2011) of Glos County Councils structure plan. The TFAs claim preliminary talks had taken place with a developer to sell off 263ha (650 acres) of the Standish Estate, Stroud.

Charles Coats, head of the Glos Estates Counsultancy, said the plan was just one of a number of possibilities earmarked in the new structure plan. But he stressed no further action would be taken after the schemes refusal.

Concern for the farm estates network was hardly eased last week when farm minister, Douglas Hogg, told delegates at the NFU agm that county farms were not an effective point of entry for young farmers. &#42