17 May 1996

The wrap revolution?

POWERED film pre-tensioners could revolutionise bale wrapping within the next five years.

Stretch film maker Lakufol says such positive feed systems are likely to be fitted to more bale wrappers in future, and the firm is carrying out trials with the system in Germany.

The theory is that by positively feeding wrap through rollers, as opposed to the bale dragging it off its reel, enables faster wrapper turn-table speeds and higher outputs. It is also said to reduce wrap "necking" on hot days.

Other areas of interest include the pre-tensioners ability to stretch film further than conventional systems. Any savings in wrap costs obviously depend on film makers coming up with products capable of taking a bigger stretch.

&#8226 Lakufol will be showing its glue-coated film for the first time at Kemira. The glue coat is claimed to have a number of advantages over traditional methods of conferring "tackiness" to films.

This KOPressure Frames powered film pre-tensioner will be shown.