19 January 1996


CAREFUL use of fertiliser is a responsibility all farmers must shoulder. Public concern for the environment and government policy dictate that much.

But responsible use also has financial benefits, in more cost effective crop production. And now there is an added attraction – £3500 in prize money if you can prove you are the best fertiliser user in the land.

To encourage the correct use of crop nutrients and give credit to those who set the highest standards ICI Fertilizers and Farmers Weekly have united to run the Nitram Award for Best Fertiliser Practice in 1996.

Initial judging is by questionnaire, followed by farm visits to provide five regional awards. A national winner is then selected for the overall prize of £3500 to be invested in an on-farm environmental project. The competition again benefits from the support of FWAG and the NFU.

The award places responsible use of all types of fertiliser as a key criteria for farms which are achieving effective food production while safeguarding the environment. Fill in the coupon to obtain your entry form now. &#42


For further details and an entry questionnaire, complete the coupon below. Closing date for completed entry forms is February 16, 1996.

Please send me an entry form/questionnaire for the FW/ICI Nitram Award:





1. Only farmers in England, Wales and Scotland who have supplied a completed entry form questionnaire to ICI Fertilizers are eligible.

2. The Nitram Award For Best Fertiliser Practice will be awarded to the farm which, in the judges opinion, has most successfully integrated profitable farming operations, responsible fertiliser practice and concern for the environment.

3. The award carries a first prize of a complete FWAG farm plan plus £3500 to be used over a two-year period to implement that plan.

4. There will be five regional awards made in summer 1996, with the main award presented at the 1996 Royal Show.

5. The decisions of the judging panel are final and no correspondence can be entered into.

Return to: Helen Durnion, FW/ICI Nitram Award For Best Fertiliser Practice, ICI Fertilizers, PO Box 90, Wilton, Middlesborough, Cleveland TS90 8JE.