5 April 1996

Three beds in one go

A BED former for vegetable crops has been introduced by Standen-Reflex. The new Baselier 6FKVB is 5.65m (18ft 6in) wide and has been designed to produce three 1.8m (6ft) beds.

The seed-bed is achieved with a full width, tined rotary cultivator – the number of tines can be increased or decreased to suit prevailing conditions. But the main feature of the new machine is an optional finishing roller.

Hydraulically powered, it is set to rotate at slightly faster than forward speed which not only helps to compact the bed but ensures the roller is self-cleaning. Adjustable shoulder cones create the required bed width.

With a recommended power requirement of about 230hp, the new bed former is not for the small-scale grower – a point emphasised by an all-up price tag of £29,280. &#42

Three 1.8m (6ft) beds can be formed at the same time with the Baselier 6FKVB. Note the hydraulically powered, self-cleaning rollers.