7 July 1995

Three in four go for an additive

NEARLY 75% of dairy farmers with large herds used an additive when they ensiled their first grass cut this year, says Trident Feeds.

It surveyed 102 dairy farmers who are members of Trident Feeds Premier Club in the week after first-cut was completed.

In England and Wales 43% of producers used an inoculant, 21% chose acids, 15% enzymes and 10% salts. Scottish dairy farmers were divided equally between acids and inoculants at 40%, with enzymes only securing 6% of the market.

About 5% of producers used molassed sugar beet feed, which equated to between 30,000t and 40,000t of product.

When asked why additives were used, most producers in England and Wales claimed they improved silage quality, especially in terms of palatability and fermentation. Half those canvassed admitted they did not know how the products worked.