10 May 1996

Three Mg fertilisers launched in UK

THREE new magnesium-based fertilisers are on offer from Tioxide after considerable success abroad.

The granular products offer good distribution and can be used either alone or with traditional mineral fertilisers. They are made in Spain and have seen sales double since 1994. Yield improvements and better resistance to drought and frost are key claims.

At an average cost of £16/ha (£6/acre) for a 100kg/ha (89lb/acre) dose, the products offer a low-cost alternative to traditional iron and magnesium fertilisers, says the company.

Iron deficiencies

Fillmag contains granulated iron sulphate to prevent iron deficiencies, with a 2-4mm granule to aid spreading.

Tiomag consists of a granulated magnesium and iron sulphate mix enriched with micro-elements. Chloride-free, it suits most crops. It also contains soluble iron, zinc, manganese and sulphur.

Fermag-Complex is a mix of iron sulphate, zinc, magnesium and organic material aimed at intensive farmers wanting to replace nutrients extracted from soil reserves.