19 May 1995

Three ways to cut herd cost

SCOPE exists for pig producers to reduce production costs by making only minor adjustments to management, according to Signet livestock consultant Malcolm Black.

He cited figures from a Signet Pigplan Management "What if?" 1994 budget detailing improvements for a 400-sow unit with 380 productive sows only.

Mr Black advised running the unit at full capacity would increase net margin by £8300. Boosting the

farrowing index from. Increasing performance from 2.27 to 2.35 litters a sow a year would add £11,000 and improving feed conversion a further £24,000, bringing an overall improvement of £46,000.

over existing performance.

It was also important to maximise feed conversion efficiency. That implied achieving a feed conversion of 1.58 rather than 1.65 in 6-32kg liveweight weaners and 2.5 rather than 2.8 in the 32-90kg lw finishing stage. The increased net margin would be £24,000, bringing an overall improvement of more than £46,600.