29 March 1996

Thriving Devon club but

more groups are needed…

DOROTHY Sellick of the Devon FWC takes so much care in all she does as contact leader and I am sure that this is one of the reasons this club is such a thriving one. She arranged a marvellous annual lunch for about 90 members at the Victoria Hotel, Sidmouth, and has a great programme organised for the rest of the year.

In the case of a club like this becoming so large, there must come a saturation point when potential members are turned away. There must be someone out there, possibly in the north or west of the county, who – perhaps with a friends help – would be prepared to start up another group and make FWC accessible to even more women living in rural Devon. If so, please get in touch. We will give you every support.

Jean Howells

Dorothy Sellick addresses members gathered for the Devon groups annual lunch which was held this year at Sidmouth and, as usual, well supported.