6 December 1996

Timing belt with teeth: The answer to V-belts?

A SINGLE, toothed timing belt replaces V-belts on the latest topper from Twose. The Top Notch is a twin-rotor/four-blade machine with an 2.4m (8ft) cut. Power requirement is 55hp.

"The big advantage of the toothed belt is theres no risk of belt slippage. That means we can build in blade overlap for a cleaner cut," Twoses Richard Burman explains.

Price of the Top Notch is £2250.

&#8226 Also new in the topper sector is Kuhns French-built BAV 1550 rotary shredder (£960). Though only currently available with 1.5m (5ft) single-rotor cut, wider models are planned.

Twose uses a timed belt rather than V-belts on its Top Notch topper.