3 May 1996

Tines are a-changin depending on land…

DIFFERENT tines for different conditions are incorporated on a Netherlands-built bed cultivator.

Imported by the Hoekstra Trading Company, the powered cultivator/ridger can be fitted with either straight tines for working in stony conditions or more conventional hook-type tines for lighter land.

"The straight tines are mounted so that they sit about 2in apart to let stones pass through. They tend to be used on more marginal potato growing land," Hoekstras Mike Scott explains.

"The hook tines are closer set, at about 1in spacing, for breaking up clods. If these are used on stony land, theyre prone to wear." Designed to follow a bed former creating 1500mm (60in) beds, the cultivator has a requirement of 120hp+ and starts at about £8000.