30 June 1995

Tracks kind to the land and affordable

MADE by Boston-based Richard Larrington, the track systems now fitted to three 7t trailers working in the Irish peat industry are claimed to be the first British-built systems designed specifically for use with farm trailers.

"Tracks are kind on the land," says Mr Larrington. "A laden 14t trailer mounted on tracks imposes less than 6psi on the soil."

Though most would acknowledge these advantages, the cost of tracks, both in their initial purchase and maintenance requirement, has tempered enthusiasm.

But Mr Larrington now claims to have overcome these problems. The use of 75cm (30in) wide nylon-reinforced endless belts which carry outer wooden cleats and inner steel plates are claimed to have slashed the price and maintenance requirements.

"An American-built track system we imported last year carried an £18,000 price tag, expensive maintenance costs and a maximum track life of just 2500 hours."

In comparison, Mr Larrington says his design should add no more than £8000 to the cost of a new trailer or £10,000 if retro fitted to an existing machine. &#42