8 September 1995

Tractor line-up is updated

A BUOYANT 100-150hp tractor sector has encouraged Austrian manufacturer Steyr to update its mid-range line-up.

Out go the firms 90hp 8110 and 115hp 8130 models which, in standard form, came with just a basic splitter gearbox and mechanical hydraulics. These are replaced by the four-model 9100-series fitted with sloping bonnets, four-speed powershift and electronic hydraulics.

"Weve definitely been missing out in the 100-150hp sector," says Norman Duppa of Shropshire-based Morris Corfield, Steyrs UK importer. "The 8000 tractors needed updating. Now we have a mid-range line-up that should appeal to both livestock and arable farmers."

Joystick control package

The 9100 "Hi-Tech" models benefit from much of the technology introduced on the 78-94hp 9000 Multi-Trac tractors on display at this years Royal Show. Most notable is a joystick control package that enables the operator to select gear, direction of travel, operate one spool and the hydraulics with just one lever.

Also inherited from the Multi-Trac tractors are four-speed pto – 430rpm, 540rpm, 750rpm and 1000rpm – a tractor management system for the engagement/disengagement of 4WD and diff lock, and the option of pto management which allows the pto to be auto disengaged and engaged when the hydraulics are raised and lowered.

Power is supplied by a four-cylinder turbocharged Steyr unit on the 9105, while the bigger models are equipped with six-cylinder turbos. Maximum lift capacity to full lift height is 6.6t.

The first 9100 tractors are expected to reach the UK by October.

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All models are four-wheel-drive.