27 October 1995

Training course for dairy competence

MILK producers keen to demonstrate that they can produce a quality product might be interested in a new training course offered by Reaseheath College, Cheshire.

Known as the competence award for primary milk producers, it has been set up to help anyone who milks cows brush up their dairy hygiene know-how. It will tackle areas such as TBC, somatic cell count and mastitis control, through to general dairy and parlour hygiene, says Reaseheaths Tony Blackburn.

"As an industry we should be seen to be doing more to enhance milk quality and promote its image as a healthy product to buyers," he says.

Cost of the four-day NVQcourse is £70 a head.

Mr Blackburn reports that the four-day NVQ course has the support of Milk Marque, The Milk Group and most major dairy companies. Some have already sent candidates on a pilot course. Cost is £70 a head.

Milk Marque is keen to promote the course to its members and provided funding to help set up the course.