21 July 1995

Transatlantic claim

CANADIAN geneticists claim the first 54 Prelude daughters classified were in high type herds, giving an unrepresentative daughter group. And, they say, the average Canadian bull has about 15% of his daughters re-scored for type but 24% of Preludes first daughters were re-scored upwards.

His 1149 new daughters were all in first classifications and scored lower than these original re-scored daughters.

When a new bull has daughters re-scored upwards, he is rewarded when he has more daughters scored upwards than other bulls, say the geneticists. But when Prelude added his second crop daughters the number of re-scored daughters dropped. Also if Preludes mates in the second crop were better than average and re-scored more than average mates the dam effect would reduce Preludes proof, they claim.

Prelude saw his first crop proof climb from +13 to +16 as his daughters were re-scored. If his second crop daughters follow the same pattern as his first, geneticists expect his proof to increase to perhaps +8, which is where his first classification proof pegs him now. To avoid this yo-yo affect, which has happened to other Canadian bulls, such as Astro Jet, all Canadian bulls proofs will be based on the first type classification made on individual daughters – and not reclassifications – as from January 1996 evaluations.