3 November 1995

Truffles favoured on sheep menus

OFFER sheep and goats truffle-flavoured feed and their performance improves.

So claims feed company Bibby which cites results of a trial carried out at Aberdeens Macaulay Land Use Research Institute.

Sheep and goats were offered two feeds. One was an unflavoured compound, the other contained different flavours. These were apple, caramel, garlic, maple, onion, orange, and truffle.

Intakes were monitored to assess the relative consumption of each. Truffle-flavoured feed came out tops, both in preference and intake. Sheep then favoured the garlic flavouring, followed by onion. The running order for these two flavours was reversed by goats.

Lambs preferred sweet and milky-tasting flavours.

such as caramel and vanilla.