22 September 1995

Turbo system dust control

JONSERED is now fitting a turbo-dust control system to three of its semi-professional chainsaws – the 2041, 2045 and 2050.

It is three years since Jonsered introduced the Turbo concept – a centrifugal device claimed to separate 99% of dust before air reaches the air filter – with the result, says the manufacturer, that engine wear is minimised and servicing of air filters reduced.

Jonsereds Turbo agricultural range now comprises five models with a choice of three guide bar lengths, from 13in to 18in. The original Turbo 2036 is only available with a 15in bar.

Prices range from £246 for the 2041 equipped with 13in bar to £315 for the 2050 with 18in bar.