20 September 1996

Two out of seven sites near done

MAIZE crops on two of the seven sites monitored by FARMERS WEEKLY should be harvested next week.

"Although dry matters at the Winchester and Crediton sites are well below 30% contractors have been booked. This is because dry matter percentages rise by 2% a week," explains Coop de Paus Mike Warden.

"In fact bright, warm weather has seen the crop move forward above 2% in some areas and growers should be walking the crop more frequently to catch the crop as soon as it is ready."

Forage maize dry matter data from seven farms

Site locationDrillingHeight Sept 5 Sept 12

dateabove seaDM% Cob DM%Cob

level (m) Starch%Starch %

Credition, Devon4/511823.2-25.3-

Attleborough, Norfolk2/53523.7-26.7-

Carmarthen Dyfed8/52320.6-21.4-

Winchester, Hampshire16/410024.230.427.432.1

Ticknall, Derbyshire30/46721.5-23.1-

Castle Howard, Yorkshire 9/57518.128.519.930.4

Dumfries, Scotland11/54517.8-19.0-