By FWi staff

FARMERS have just two weeks left to sell their barley into intervention – but with the Pound continuing to strengthen, values have slipped more than £5/t since the start of the year.

The price for intervention has eased slightly over the week, standing at £83.26/t for deliveries made today.

The European Commission continues to be an aggressive seller of barley on to the world market whenever a buyer appears, said a spokesman from Banks Agriculture.

“This barley is almost exclusively out of intervention stores as the Commission is trying to clear some more storage space before next years intervention season opens in November,” he added.

Despite the intervention market for barley, old-crop trade appears to have all but finished with the departure of a large boat from Tilbury last week.

Ex-farm values have eased slightly over the week, with spot values ranging between £73-£75/t.

Futures have also slipped with September values at £72.50/t. November futures remained stable at £74.50/t.