20 September 1996

Twose presses ahead

TWOSE of Tiverton is extending its arable equipment with a range of front-mounted ring presses to complement three- and five-section folding rolls.

"The presses use the same 65mm (2.5in) axles and bearings as the rollers, so are well specified," notes Robert Geldard of Twose. "Also, the end plates are shaped, rather than left flat, for extra strength."

The implement has a pulling-type linkage with pivots and support rollers allowing it to respond to steering movements from the tractor. Rings are 70cm (25.5in) diameter, with a choice of 30í or 45í edge profiles.

Twose is producing rigid frame models from 1.5m to 4m (5ft to 13ft) wide priced £1770 to £3125 – the latter for a 3m (9ft 10in) version – with hydraulic folding versions in 3m and 4m sizes from £3840 to £4945.n

Front press from Twose has hefty axles, bearings and end plates.