9 June 1995

UK freight highly taxed

UK TRANSPORT companies face the highest level of taxation in Europe, says the Freight Transport Association.

Annual total

The total annual tax taken from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and from fuels for a 38t articulated lorry is currently £26,000. This compares with £21,500 in Germany, £20,500 in Italy and £19,900 in France.

November 1994s budget, followed by the December mini-budget pushed up the duty paid on diesel to 31-32p/litre, which compares poorly with the EU average of 22.9p/litre – 36% less.

And for the transporters who operate their lorries in Germany, Denmark and Benelux countries, there is an extra £1000/year to be found for the privilege.

While the cost of these taxes for domestic operators in these countries is offset by reduced levels of VED, UK operators have to pay twice – both the full VED cost at home and the cost of the tax in Europe.

High taxation for UK lorries – an estimated £26,000 for a 38-tonner.