14 June 1996

UK well over quota

A POTENT combination of good grass growth, more older cows being milked and high butterfats have pushed UK milk production way over quota.

Physical deliveries in May were similar to last year at 1304m litres. But with butterfat at 3.99% compared with 3.93% a year ago, adjusted deliveries came to 1351m litres, about 1.4% more than last May and 3.9% ahead of quota.

For the first two months of the current milk year butterfat adjusted output came to 2575m litres – 3.06% over quota.

Release of the figures by the Intervention Board this week gave a jolt to the quota leasing market, already riding high due to lack of supply. Swindon-based Lovedays reports a top price of 14p/litre for 4.2% butterfat. &#42