22 September 1995

Union support for centres

SOUTH-WEST NFU is supporting a call for a regional centre for victims of organophosphorus poisoning.

The Countess of Mar told a north Devon meeting she wanted to see regional centres of excellence to which OP sufferers could be referred. This would allow them to receive help from cardiologists, psychiatrists and other specialists.

Speaking after the meeting, NFU south-west director Anthony Gibson said there was "a pressing need" for such a centre, funded by the National Health Service.

Gross injustice

Elizabeth Sigmund of the South-West Environmental Protection Agency told the meeting that sufferers had been treated with gross injustice. They had been neglected by doctors, the NHS and parts of the NFU. Most had been ignored by their MPs and treated unjustly by chemical manufacturers and the Health and Safety Executive.

She added that the SWEP, which has 350 members, was changing its name to the OP information network (OPIN).