14 April 1995

US reports marked increase in BST reactions

A BIG increase in the number of adverse reactions to the milk boosting hormone BST has been reported in the United States.

In the products first year on the US market there were 806 adverse reaction complaints, reports Animal Pharm.

In the first six months, only 96 complaints were recorded. But that rose to 710 for the second half-year. Manufacturer, Monsanto, denied that this indicated an upward trend in the incidence.

The company is reported to have insisted that the marked increase was because "it adopted a more conservative and thorough accounting system" in the second six-month period.

Monsanto said that although this "initiative" led to an increase in the total number of reports submitted, in reality there had been no trend toward an increase in the number of complaints.

The Food and Drugs Admin-istration concluded that 310 of the 806 complaints were unrelated to BST use, claimed Monsanto. But it admitted that the remaining 496 were "possibly related". &#42