11 November 1998
USA threatens 100% tariff on EU goods as banana war hots up

THE European Union and the USA moved towards a trade battle over bananas last night as Washington threatened punitive tariffs on a range of European imports.

The USA said it would impose 100% duties on range of European products if Europe did not amend its banana import regime by 1 January.

Brussels retorted with the allegation that the Americans were resorting to jungle law.

The USA plans to impose duty of up to 100% on a list of EU food products unless Brussels scrapped plans to continue a quota system that gives favourable terms to bananas grown in the former European colonies of the Caribbean and Africa.

  • Cheap Chinese apples anger US growers – The US Apple Association is considering filing an anti-dumping case against cheap imports of apples and apple-juice concentrate. The association is specifically concerned about apples from China which undercut domestic prices by more than 50%. Chile, Hungary and the Argentine are the other countries likely to be named by the 9000-strong association.