17 January 1996

Vaccination call after Newcastle outbreak grows

MAFF vets are suggesting that Newcastle disease vaccination programmes should be widened following a third confirmed outbreak this week (see News).

A Worcester-based ministry vet explains that the three confirmed cases and a further suspected case are not in flocks of laying hens where vaccination is standard practice.

Broilers are not usually vaccinated against Newcastle disease because the risk is thought to be low. There is a relatively short period between the fall off in the birds immunity acquired from the hen and time of slaughter.

However, it is now being suggested that broiler producers should consider vaccinating against the disease.

Producers within the imposed inner 3km protection zones around the infected sites should notify the local MAFF animal health office if they have not yet received a visit from MAFF to obtain advice on the list of imposed restrictions. Advice on the broader 10km radius surveillance zone can also be obtained from these offices. &#42