26 April 1996

Variable width spreader takes it all in its stride

WITH the ability to spread from 12m to 28m and cope with application rates from those required for say, slug pellets to high volume fertiliser rates, the new Kuhn MDS1121 spreader looks an interesting development.

A twin disc machine, fertiliser is controlled by a twin slide system – one is set to control application rate while the other is used to open and close the aperture. It is a system which reduces the risk of changes in application rate caused by the constant opening and closing of a single slide. A slow oscillating agitator at the base of the hopper ensures fertiliser continues to flow.

The machines wide range of spreading widths is achieved through the use of two disc types and vane adjustment – both of which are claimed by the manufacturer to be simple operations to perform. Features include the ability to border spread and, by shortening the top link, apply fertiliser to advanced crops.

Slides, discs, vanes and hopper bottom are all constructed from stainless steel with the hopper itself having a maximum capacity of 2100 litres – sufficient for two half tonne bags. Pivoting sieves are supplied as standard.

Price starts at £3975. &#42

Stainless steel is used extensively throughout the new MDS 1121 fertiliser spreader from Kuhn Farm Machinery. MDS1121 price starts at £3975.