19 January 1996


FERTILISER prices are on the up – ammonium nitrate now touching £150/t in most areas.

With production capacity lagging behind the surging demand for nutrients from farmers around the world that trend is set to continue.

Added to this price pressure, UK farmers face the inexorable implementation of nitrate vulnerable zones and associated demands for a greater awareness of the environment.

So how should farmers react? Key to any response in todays frenetic farming world is sound advice. Nutrient planning is no exception.

Legislation and technology are surging forward. Many growers may feel overwhelmed as they struggle to keep abreast of potentially helpful developments. Equally important are the pitfalls bureaucrats seem to impose so regularly.

Investing in specialist advice to squeeze more from fertiliser inputs now could help you stay in front of those changes. It could pay handsomely come harvest.

In this supplement we provide some timely tips, investigate one farmers use of advice and report on the system used by the UKs acknowledged top fertiliser user.

And if youre feeling confident about your farms fertiliser policy theres even a competition to enter – with a top prize of £3500.