24 May 1999
Wales, Scotland move to end beef ban

WALES and Scotland could soon have beef-on-the-bone back on the menu if their respective parliaments vote to lift the ban.

Tories, Liberal Democrats and nationalists are expected to gang up on the minority Labour administration in Wales and vote for abolition.

The Welsh Assembly will not assume responsibility for agriculture until July but members are expected to be invited to vote in principle on an end to the ban.

In Scotland, Scottish Nationalists are tabling a motion demanding immediate abolition after powers transfer on 1 July.

If either or both parliaments were to vote for a lifting of the ban then a question mark would be put against continuing the ban in England.

It is argued that dealers would be able to buy meat in Wales and Scotland and distribute it across the country.

The Scottish parliament could also pass a ban on fox-hunting if a private members bill is passed, reports The Independent.