31 May 1996

Want more output? Go self-propelled

SELF-PROPELLED seems to be the way go for high outputs, whether it be for harvesting grain, sugar beet or grass.

At Grassland 96, Deutz-Fahr was one of several new entrants in the self-propelled forager market with its Gigant 400 – a machine which adds to a rapidly expanding line-up of Deutz monsters that move under their own steam: The Top Liner combine, Gras Liner grass conditioner, and Power Press self-propelled big baler.

Powered by a 12-litre V6, water-cooled engine, the 408hp Gigant forager shares much with its self-propelled siblings including Liner cab and hydrostatic transmission.

More specialist foraging equipment comprises a 3m (10ft) grass pick-up, six-row maize header and corn cracker, 800mm (32in) chopping cylinder and 12 full-width knives.

Deutz importer, Watveare, will test the Gigant in the UK this year before announcing prices and making the machine commercially available for the 1997 season.

Deutz Fahr joins the ranks of the self-propelled forage harvester brigade with the Gigant 400. Watveare is testing the machine in the UK this year.