8 November 1996

Ware growers added weapon

WARE potato growers looking to protect stored tubers from diseases like silver scurf, skin spot, gangrene and dry rot can now add Fungazil 100SL (imazalil) to their shopping list.

Previously approved for use only on seed potatoes, the extension to ware means growers have a new weapon to control disease, including strains of silver scurf resistant to silver scurf, says maker Rhône Poulenc.

"Suppliers and packers of pre-pack potatoes are particularly keen," says the companys Tim Holt. "Resistance to tbz has been well-documented over the last eight years or so. But imazalil is from a different chemical group."

Cost is £5.77/t at the recommended 100ml/t application rate, the same as for seed potatoes. Although there is no statutory withdrawal period, R-P recommends six weeks between application and washing for packing. &#42