21 July 1995

Water conditioner stops scale build up

ELECTROLYTIC action is used by a range of scale inhibitors to prevent scale build up in plant and equipment.

The Sesi, from Salamander, is a two-stage water conditioner rather than a water softener, according to the Sutton Coldfield-based firm.

First stage is for incoming water to pass through a copper/zinc electrolytic cell. Here a mild current is generated which changes the composition of the salts in the water, preventing them from sticking to a surface.

Secondly, the dissolved salts collect together with the free zinc ions in the water. The salts remain in this suspension and will not deposit on to metal surfaces.

The Sesi conditioner is available in six sizes for pipework, from 28mm to 108mm (1.1in-4.3in), with prices from £245 (0121-378 4508).