9 June 1995

Wavy power alternative

TWO rows of wavy-edged discs may be enough to replace a power harrow for combination drilling in some soils. Horsch is experimenting with the layout to see how it can best be used.

"The discs give a levelling action, and break up the soil ahead of the coulters rather than working the soil across the full width of the implement," Michael Horsch insists.

He believes the design could be applied either on heavier soils after ploughing, those likely to "slump" from rainfall when they have been over-worked by a power harrow, or as a no-till drill for establishing cereals after winter/spring oilseed rape, for example.

The double bank of cultivating discs has been built into the front of trailed 3m and 4m (9ft 10in and 13ft) wide Horsch DS drills, which use the firms double-disc opener seed coulters. Price of a 3m version starts from about £14,500.

Horschs disc opener seeding principle comprises seed dropping between two slightly angled disc coulters held together at the leading edge by spring pressure.

This twin disc arrangement is claimed to take less pulling than a single disc that needs to be angled more acutely, and the lack of scrapers on either the discs or the press wheels is also said to contribute to the relatively low draft of the implement.

Make wave… Horsch says wavy-edged discs, fitted to the front of this DS drill, are capable of similar work to a power harrow – on some soils.