29 March 1996

Weeding mechanics

CHEMICAL costs in maize production can be reduced through the use of mechanical weed control, claims Danagri.

The Becker Maize Hoe is available as four-, six- or eight-row units comprising banks of spring tines with 11cm (4in) chisel points to scuffle weeds and aerate the soil. Discs running on either side of the crop prevent any disturbance to the plants themselves.

Simple enough so far, but the hoe is also able to apply fertiliser to the growing plant, placing it adjacent to plant roots.

Four-row machines have individual fertiliser hoppers while the six- and eight-row machines have central 0.5t capacity hoppers with fertiliser conveyed pneumatically after being metered through a land wheel-driven unit. &#42

Maize weeder/fertiliser spreader.