9 February 1996

Welfare sees milk yields rise – CWS

INVESTMENT in animal welfare has boosted herd performance, health and fertility on CWS Farms.

The improvements have helped increase average cow yields by 1200 to 7800 litres since 1988 and have been more than justified.

This was the claim of CWS general manager Mike Calvert at the Animal Health and Farmer Wealth conference, University of Reading this week.

CWSs 4500 cows in 22 units lived in a varying facilities in 1987.

"Many cow cubicles were too small, sheds were too dark, inadequately ventilated and stocking densities too high," he said.

In 1988 an improvement programme costing "millions-of-pounds" began.

This included revamping buildings and changing the breeding policy for improved yields and strong type.

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