15 November 1996

Well-balanced loaders

ARTICULATED Weidemann loaders marketed by Norwich-based Compact Loader Specialists, now include the new 1070 and 2002 models.

The 1070 is powered by a 32hp Mitsubishi engine while the larger 2002 receives a 50hp Perkins. Both models use hydrostatic transmissions.

In terms of build, Compact Loader Specialists David Wilby points out that the loaders are constructed to produce a low centre of gravity.

"The 1070, which is aimed at the low-building/stock market, is just 4.1m long when equipped with a bucket and 1.04m wide. It weighs 1.98t," he says.

He adds that having a midpoint articulation pivot ensures that front and rear tyres track accurately at all times – even on a full lock of 50 degrees.

Lift capacity and load height for the 1070 in standard build is 1t to 2.75m and for the 2002, 1.95t to 3.2m. Prices are £18,000 and £24,000 respectively.n

One of Weidemanns latest loader creations – the Mitsubishi powered 1070.