12 April 1996

Welsh wives Tesco protest brings talks

THE manager of a west Wales Tesco branch has agreed to talk to local beef producers about buying beef from local farms that have no notified BSE cases.

The move followed a march involving nearly 300 farmers wives and children, which brought the market town of Cardigan to a standstill on Easter Monday. Carrying placards claiming Welsh beef was safe, the demonstrators met at the livestock market before walking to the Tesco branch on the bypass. There the protest focused on Irish beef replacing British supplies in chill cabinets.

Although the demonstration was organised by FUW area organiser Sian James, it was supported by wives of members of other farming organisations.

Mrs James told the store manager that the protesters were food industry suppliers and customers. They warned that the shamrock on labels for Irish beef was like poison ivy to the Welsh industry.

A day later branch manager Gwyn Morgan invited local farmers who could prove their herds were BSE-free to discuss supplying beef to the Cardigan store. &#42

Robert Davies