28 July 1995

What are priorities on feeding front?

IN 15 minutes your annual margin a cow could be raised by £50.

That is the boast of a new focus on nutrition at this years European Dairy Farming Event, sponsored by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers, in association with Cargill Feeds, the Centre for Dairy Research and FARMERS WEEKLY.

The area, designed to improve feed know-how and enhance profits, will offer:

&#8226 Independent rationing advice.

&#8226 Feeding clinics.

&#8226 Comprehensive ingredients display and nutrition information.

&#8226 Feature displays.

A unique feature is that the contents of these areas will be dictated by farmers.

"In order to make this of real value, we need to know which key areas of nutrition concern producers," says RABDF chief executive, Philip Gilbert. "By pulling together researchers, nutritionists, vets and practical dairy farmers we hope to be able to offer a comprehensive source of nutrition information."

CEDAR has compiled a questionnaire to identify what farmers would like from the Feeding Forum. Questions have been designed to gauge producers knowledge and understanding in these different nutritional areas and from the answers we hope to be able to fill in the gaps.

An incorrect answer will be as useful to us as a correct answer in drawing a detailed picture of what producers want. All replies will go into the draw so please help us to make this new feature work for you. It should offer the chance to discuss specific requirements with a team of experts. These will include researchers from CEDAR, independent nutrition consultants, farmer members of the CEDAR supporters group and technical staff from Cargills.

Answers to the questionnaires will be available at the forum, with more details on the specific areas of interest highlighted.

by the questionnaires.

&#8226 The Feeding Forum will be located in the Charolais Building on Avenue M and seminars will be held hourly from 12 noon.