24 November 1995

Whats new in product line-up

NEW HERBICIDES announced at this weeks conference in Brighton include a spate of sulfonylureas and several new modes of action to help combat the risk of herbicide resistance.

Soil application of Bayers new oxyacetamide herbicide BAY FOE 5043 gives good control of many major grassweeds and some broad-leaved weeds, including cleavers, claims the company. Product mixing brings synergy while rates can be as low as one-fifth of current products.

DuPonts latest low rate sulfonylurea is DPX-KE459. Suitable for post-emergence grass and broad-leaved weed control in cereals, it offers foliar and root control of blackgrass from autumn or spring treatments in warm or cold conditions from 2-3 leaves to mid-tillering.

Blackgrass control has been "consistently equivalent or superior to current commercial standards", claims DuPont. Rapid soil degradation allows rotational crop flexibility.

Ethoxysulfuron is AgrEvos new sulfonylurea, offering post-emergence broad-leaved weed control in all cereals. At 15-20gal/ha HOE 095404 gave "excellent" control of cleavers, polygonums and charlock, good control of mayweed and sufficient control of chickweed, the company says. No negative effects on following crops have been seen.

Monsantos new sulfonylurea, sulfosulfuron, offers in-season couch control (see separate story p49). &#42