5 May 1995

Whats not there

ONE of the most interesting exercises when visiting a foreign agricultural show is to note what isnt on display. And bale wrappers were distinctly lacking at the Czech Republics BVV show.

Still clearly a technique in its infancy in this part of the world, there was only one wrapping machine to be seen. Clamped silage is almost universally made.

Even so, the German-built Goweil round baler wrapper provided considerable interest for visitors – an indication perhaps, that the system will find favour in the future.

Available in both trailed and mounted versions – bales are wrapped from plastic dispensed from a revolving overhead unit – the bale rotates on a single, full width belt.

A self-loading arm is fitted to both models, the trailer lowering two stabilising legs to the ground when the arm is used to pick up a bale.