20 August 2001
Wheat disappoints in Netherlands

PHONING in on FARMERS WEEKLYs Harvest Hotline, John Hatton reports disappointing wheat yields on a large farm in the south of Holland.

“We are 60-70% through the winter wheat and averaging 9.5t/ha. The best variety is Claire which is over 10t/ha.”

Last year the 1200ha farm, about 20km south of Rotterdam and 5m below sea level, averaged 10.5t/ha on wheat. That was more like the long-term average, says Mr Hatton, who is working on the farm for a year as part of his Agriculture and Business Management course at Writtle College.

Wet conditions last autumn are blamed for the below-average yields. “We had the same weather as England. Some fields drilled with 250kg/ha of seed only established 15 plants/m2.”

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