15 December 1995

When Wales

and Worcs meet up…

WHEN I heard that members of the Gwynedd-Merioneth group were going on their annual shopping trip to Worcester I couldnt resist going to join them.

It was a happy band of members that greeted me at the hotel and we were all thrilled that a number of Worcester members were able to join us for dinner. What a wonderful evening we all had, everyone mixed so well and great enthusiasm was shown for a return visit with Worcester FWC going to North Wales to pan for gold!

The conversations were so varied, from trying to guess what had been bought by everyone on this shopping trip, an hilarious tale of a ram that had got out at tupping time, through to the more serious matter of how FWC as a whole might help women in other countries improve their lot. And there was a comment that Farm Womens Club has all the enjoyment of Young Farmers without the heartache!

The group filled the room with laughter and it was great that two of our number were reunited after 28 years.

Jean Howells