20 September 1996

Whos doing the talking

Robin Bosomworth – runs an

integrated arable and livestock business on 2400 acres on three blocks near Thirsk. The units include cereals, potatoes, sugar beet, dairy cows and pigs. He has represented the north-east region on the Potato Marketing Board for nine years.

Norman Coward (chairman) – is currently agriculture director with Midland Bank and, as such, is a familiar face at many shows and conferences. Before joining Midland, he set up and managed the old Milk Marketing Boards farm advisory service. He is Visiting professor in Agriculture and Business Management at Wye College, University of London.

Patrick Davis – was appointed chief executive of Food From Britain in January 1994. Much of his career has been in sales and marketing, initially with Cadbury Schweppes, and then with Hillsdown Holdings. He has had first-hand experience of brand development and overseas trade.

Vincent Hedley Lewis – leads the Deloitte & Touche Agriculture team advising all manner of farm-related businesses. He specialises in farm business restructuring and also farms 1700 acres of arable crops in Lincolnshire.

Mark Hill – is the partner in charge of Deloitte & Touche Agriculture in the south-west. He has over 10 years experience of advising farmers on finance, tax and succession issues.

Dean Kleckner – has been

president of the American Farm Bureau (equivalent to the NFU) for 11 years. He was the only farmer member on the US

advisory team to the last GATT round and has been a long-term advocate of free trade. He farms 350 acres in Iowa.

Bill Turney – is the son of a Northamptonshire tenant farmer. Returning from Harper Adams College in 1969 the family

partnership bought their first farm in 1976 and have since built up a business covering 7000 acres in the UK and 2000 acres in New Zealand. Bill formed Black and White Sires and is now a director of Avoncroft Sires.

Paul Turney – is the brother of Bill Turney. He worked in Strutt & Parkers farm management team before joining the family business in 1969. This now involves the annual production of 10,000t of wheat, 1500t of rapeseed and 10m litres of milk. He has studied abroad and was also involved in setting up United Milk Producers.