28 July 1995

Will Secure Test ignored

ON the basis of quotations in the press by Yorkshire Environmental, Mr Holdstock is especially aggrieved that in granting contracts to the companys Arbre scheme, involved ministers and civil servants either "failed to apply or ignored the Will Secure Test which was designed to weed out ill-conceived projects.

"Unlike the other projects we could have been up and running within two years," says Mr Holdstock, of Sittingbourne-based agent G W Finn and Sons. "The fuel is already available." "With the fuel option thwarted much of the chestnut coppice will now become derelict, he believes.

"This will drastically alter the nature of our woodlands which provide one of the most species-rich habitats in our countryside." Parts are known to be home to the rare heath fritillary butterfly.

Land agent Henry Holdstock – governments "will secure test"has been overlooked.