1 December 1995

Wrap pipes to beat freeze

PROTECT pipes from freezing in the parlour this winter with radiant heaters or wrap-around-tape that heats when an electric current is passed through it.

That was the advice from Stephen Bettany of the Farm Energy Centre. He recommended using thermostats to switch on heating equipment when the temperature drops below zero.

"Resistance tape can be used to heat plastic, copper, glass and stainless steel pipes," he said. "The tape uses seven to 22W of energy a linear foot on either normal or low voltage supply.

"Quartz radiant heaters used in the milking parlour to keep milkers warm can also be linked to a thermostat for frost protection. These heat solid objects in the parlour instead of air, so energy is absorbed into the floor and re-radiates around the pipe-work for frost protection."

Mr Bettany also advised using radiant heaters to warm pipes on a wall, such as those in the dairy.

"In this case a heater with a dimpled reflector is needed," he said. "This shines the beam of heat much wider, but needs placing closer to pipes than a heater with a smooth reflector."

Protect pipes from freezing with resistance tape, says the Farm Energy Centres Stephen Bettany.