7 June 1996

Wrapper saves plastic

WRAPPING bales with plastic can be improved if they are wrapped in two directions and the amount of film used reduced, says Overum of its Cross Pac 100.

Bales – either round or square – are first wrapped conventionally, rotated on the table along its axis with the film being applied as the table turns. After a preset number of wraps the table stops at right angles to the film dispenser which moves from the vertical to the horizontal.

The bale is then rotated by the belts alone to apply a layer of plastic film along its length; the table turns slightly to progressively move the wraps along the bale.

Overum says that with conventional round bale wrapping the centre of the bale sides can receive up to 30 layers while the jacket surface has only six. With the new system, the amount of film on the centre of the bale sides can be reduced to half and applied to the jacket surface instead – a saving of 15-20%, claims the company.

Price is £17,000. &#42

Round or square bales are wrapped in two directions by the Cross Pac 100.