9 February 1996

Written by, and for, all Range Rover nuts…

ANYONE interested in Range Rovers will find plenty of entertainment in this books 208 pages*. The writers are clearly keen on the breed – sometimes to the point of soft-pedalling criticism – and definitely know their stuff.

Just over half the space covers vehicle development from 1965 (when the 100in Station Wagon was but a twinkle in Rovers eye) up to the arrival of the latest model in 1994. Dates, specifications, chassis numbers and more give substance to a tale which picks out the main steps in Classic Range Rover evolution, with the helpful use of pictures and with data cleanly tabulated.

The remainder deals with conversions, aftermarket equipment, driving techniques, vehicles in competition and finishes with a guide to buying secondhand. Each section will add substantially to most peoples knowledge, and although the writing style is slightly stuffy, it is involving enough to draw the reader painlessly on. Backed by a comprehensive index, this book will tuck nicely into any Range Rover nuts shelves. AP

*Range Rover – The complete story by James Taylor and Nick Dimbleby The Crowood Press Ltd (£19.95).

Land Rover Defender 90.