3 May 1996

YFAndrew wins with best margin

A GROSS margin of £660 gave 26-year-old Andrew Anderson his first championship in the annual competition for over-wintering cattle open to young farmers in the north-east of Scotland.

Andrew of Maine, Elgin won with a Charolais-Limousin heifer, Yah Who, which sold for £1000 at last weeks show and sale run by Aberdeen and Northern Marts. It had cost him £340 as a suckled calf last autumn.

There were over 50 entries in this competition, which rewards weight gain and feeder margin as well as good husbandry.

The sale saw young farmers steers average 126.5p/kg and heifers 127p/kg.

Best weight gains for both steers and heifers were achieved by Stuart Lorimer, Cadgerford, Aberdeen at 1.43kg and 1.36kg/day respectively. Stuart also had the second best heifer gross margin of £170.

The leading steer gross margin was £295 achieved by Dawn Greenlaw, Groddie, Aboyne.