27 October 1995

YFC shifts new entrants attack

FED up with the UKs refusal to help new entrants, young farmers will now target the European Commission in Brussels.

Lloyd Picton-Davies, chairman of the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs rural affairs committee, said this week that the YFC was moving its line of attack to Brussels.

He added that YFC was not dropping its call for a siphon on milk quota transfers to create a pool for new entrants. But it would no longer be pursuing the policy so vigorously with UK government.

"Every time we meet government officials they just give us the same answers all the time. They keep insisting that they want to get rid of quotas entirely and, because of that, they say there is no point interfering with the existing system," he said.

The YFC will now lobby the commission to seek help in trying to force UK government to implement the policies used in other EU countries to help new entrants.

"As members of the EU this government should deal with new entrants in the same way that other countries do," said Mr Picton-Davies. He said the YFCs main objective was to see the UK adopt the European early retirement scheme. Other schemes, such as the low interest loans for French farmers and a national milk quota reserve for new entrants in Ireland, should be made available to young farmers in the UK. &#42